Top Three Tees: The Quiet Life Spring '20

I'm always happy to see a new range of tees released. Last week, The Quiet Life announced their Spring 2020 collection.

They've released 14 short- and four long-sleeved tees. View their full range of tees at

Here are the three I'd buy first...

Take a Break

$32/34 • Available in Cream and Slate (grey/blue)

The text “Take a break from world destruction” is paired with a colourful flower arrangement illustration on the rear. The front chest sports a smaller design. My favourite of the new tees!

Take a Break is also available in long sleeve.

Rotating Square

$32/$34 • Available in White and Yellow

With a retro typeface and quirky colour combination, this tee has an outdated 90s vibe. I've always been a fan of the brand's iconic "Shhh" logo (seen here in the centre).

Stretched Out

$32/$34 • Available in Black and White

Finishing up our list is this repeated, warped type design. I love the simplicity of the triangle-shaped chest print, while the back print brings some character (pun!) to the shirt.