Top three tees: Makia Spring 2020

Makia, a streetwear clothing company from Finland, just released a bunch of new t-shirt designs (alongside new caps, beanies, dress shirts and jumpers).

Here are my top three picks from the new designs.

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Barrier T-Shirt - 39,00 €

White, black

Using the flag design from their Trim shirt, Makia have created a nice white and yellow shirt, also featuring the coordinates of Helsinki and the full brand name on the back. Clean, smart, with a pop of colour.


Laine T-Shirt - 39,00 €


I love a black shirt with a colourful back print. COntinuuing the yellow theme, the new Laine shirt stands out with its wave motif on the reverse, complete with Makia's tagline, “through the rough seas.”


Pursuit T-Shirt - 39,00 €


I'm liking the emblem on the new Pursuit shirt, which is printed in grey and yellow small on the left chest and repeated in large on the back.

Other new shirts

Makia released six other shirts this month:

A solid new selection of designs from Makia!

Edited January 9th 2020: Updated title to reflect proper Spring 2020 release name