Top Three Tees: Lost Not Found

Top Three Tees is a series of posts with the purpose of highlighting t-shirt brands from around the world.

Lost Not Found is a brand based in Hawaii embedded deep in surf culture. the company started off shaping surfboards and has since created a range of clothing, including tees, caps and shorts.

I love the brand's aesthetics and am happy to see it bleed into the t-shirts.

Here are my top three picks from the current online selection:

Respect The Craft


With yellow and white prints, this shirt stands out for me. I love a type-heavy backprint. The “respect the craft” slogan is also universal and I would be comfortable to wear this shirt as a non-surfer.


$32.50 (currently reduced to $12)

Another type-heavy back print, containing the brand's L ≠ F mark and a nice quote on the rear.


$32.50 (currently reduced to $12)

This “simple” branded shirt is clean and with just the logo mark acts like a secretive code for the company’s fans to wear and recognise.

Be sure to check out the rest of the brand's tees at