The new P&Co Spring ‘20 Collection

Yesterday, P&Co released their Spring 2020 collection, which features eight new tees.

The shirts follow the brand's long-standing tradition of (mostly) white and black shirts with small left prints complimented by large back prints.

It's always interesting to see new P&Co releases as the brand continues in their specific niche; will the new pieces fit in with previous shirts or do they push on tto find new styles.

Each P&Co release is given a name. This Spring 20 collection is called “High Spirits” and takes cues from American diners. From the lookbook:

“We’ve been inspired by what was hailed as the ‘Birth Of Cool' and the ‘Golden Age’ of America, the ‘50s. We’ve continued to push the boundaries with daring designs, colours and all new pieces. With influences from military issued uniforms to workwear, and even teen hot rod culture, we’ve created a range that is creative, driven and brave at its core.”

T-shirts are all £25, while the two new long-sleeved “Baseball T-shirts” are £35.

Also in the Spring 2020 release are a sweater, denim jacket, two hats and of course, two mugs to compliment the diner theme throughout.

Here are the eight new mens tees. (I've left my favourite three shirts to the end.)

Wild Ones Service

A slub cotton t-shirt with an orange print on left chest and back. I don't remember P&Co releasing a slub shirt before, so maybe this is a first?

Whiskey Pleases Me

A black tee with an orange and white whiskey-themed motif on the back and a simple brand design on the front. An alcohol-related design seems strange to me, but maybe there is a market for this.

Drop In Anytime (baseball shirt)

The first of two long-sleeved raglan shirts in this drop. Again using the white-black-orange colour theme with the classic "Caffeine & Gasoline" slogan on the back.

Hard Times (pocket tee)

This is the only tee in the release with a pocket, and I really like how it's been executed. A more detailed chest design that the typical P&Co shirt, with an all-white motif on the back (again, alcohol-themed).

Freedom & Thrills (ringer)

I'm not a huge ringer fan and this design seems too cartoony to fit this drop's overall aesthetic. No back print either, and with a three-colour print, this tee is a bit of a stand-out piece (whether you like it or not).

Drop In Anytime

Here is a similar design as the baseball tee of the same name, using the same chest print and a variation on the “Caffeine & Gasoline” slogan on the rear.

High Spirits (baseball tee)

A black-out raglan is quite a unique piece, and I love how this looks. The all-new design on the back also helps make this tee seem super fresh.

Take It Easy

Last but not least (and first in my cart!) is this tropical/resort style design continuing the orange theme throughout this drop. I love the midcentury resort vibes (“Hurry Back!”) and the more detailed chest print.

There you have it. Eight new tees to spend your hard-earned money on.