Suspicious Antwerp move to more sustainable production

Last week, on releasing their Vintage drop, Suspicious Antwerp announced that they are changing the way they produce their garments.

From now on their drops will act like pre-orders, with items being produced only once orders have been made.

This has the knock-on effect that delivery times will now be longer (they estimate 4–5 weeks), but this is a move towards more sustainable production and so therefore can be forgiven, in my opinion.

Here is the announcement (captured from SA's Instagram stories):

Our delivery times are set to be prolonged to a period of 4–5 weeks.

Here's why:

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is huge. It is the second most polluting industry in the world so it is our responsibility to do our part. Our aim is to be the change makers in the industry and therefore we will from this point onwards be slowing down and stream-lining our production process in function of preserving the environment.
What does this mean?

Instead of producing our garments before our restocks/drops we will now only be producing the fabrics beforehand. The confection of the products will occur after you have placed your order.

By opting for this approach we are able to keep leftover fabrics at a bare minimum and therefore reduce our carbon footprint on this planet.

This move works really well for a brand like Suspicious, as they only release batches of items at a time. They can quite easily change their backend system in this way without having to change any sales processes. Once orders are placed, they can then make exactly the right number of garments, reducing the amount of waste they create.

The brand now runs more like a print-on-demand operation like Everpress, which is interesting to see. Seeing a prominent brand make this move, we may see this become more normal for smaller-batch brands.

Congrats to Suspicious on this move.

Photo from @suspiciousantwerp