Suspicious Antwerp drop scheduled for March

As the latest Winter Restock got released online, we got to see a tease for the next batch of Suspicious Antwerp items to be released.

These include six short-sleeved tees in the Playground II collection, plus the four long-sleeved Voyager shirts that were first launched last month.

The Voyager shirts come in the exact same options as last month's drop: two navy and two white shirts, one of each colour with the sleeve print and the other a the chest print. These will be released on Monday, 16th March.

The Playground II shirts are all the same design-wise. There are four colours with white prints, plus the reverse option (white shirt with the same four colour prints). There is no release date for this drop.

Item breakdown


Navy // White (sleeve print)
Navy // White (chest print)
Off-white // Coral (sleeve print)
Off-white // Powder (chest print)

Playground II

Plum // White
Dune // White
Rain // White
White // Plum
White // Dune
White // Rain

Also included in this release are three Voyager hoodies and three Playground II hoodies, one of each in the five base colours used for the t-shirts, plus Coral (Navy, Off-white, Plum, Dune, Rain and Coral).

Updated with release date for Voyager shirts.