Future Self "Infinite" collection
“Future Self is all about taking the small steps and opportunities to benefit your life in the long run. To demonstrate the constant awareness needed to make a difference to your future self we created the infinite graphic, with no start and no end, to show the constant stream of higher consciousness needed to motivate yourself to do the things today that your future self will look back and thank you for.”

Future Self released their Infinite drop late last week, and it's only for sale for 72 hours. Included in the drop are four t-shirts—one long-sleeved tee in black and white each—plus a black hoodie.

The single “infinite” motif is used on all garments, with different positioning used to create the five-strong product line.

Shirts used in this drop are climate neutral Earth Positive garments, made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.

Black t-shirt


Features a small “infinite” print in white centered on the chest.

White t-shirt


A white version of the print (on a black background), slightly larger than on the black shirt.

Black long-sleeve t-shirt


Features the “infinite” motif on the left chest and repeated four times down the right sleeve.

White long-sleeve t-shirt


The only product with a black version of the design. Printed small on the chest and large on the back.