C'est normal is back with new t-shirts

C'est normal, the brand created by ex-skier and popular YouTuber Jon Olsson, has just launched a new range of t-shirts. Also released are new hoodie styles and brand new products like joggers. A year since hte last product refresh, it seems the brand is happy staying small, with infrequent releases and a limited product line.

As with every C'est normal launch, nearly everything has sold out within days.

As anyone familiar with the brand will notice, overall this drop is just more of the same. No big news or large changes here with the tees on offer.

All photos from cestnormal.co.

Original Raw Edge t-shirt

€45 • White and black

The classic raw edge t-shirt is back. No major changes from the last launch. I'm personally still not a fan  of the wide crew neck but the unfinished edges and longer sleeves still stand out as very “C'est normal.”

Raw edge 3D

€69 • White, black and beige
Also available in a womens' cut

A new design for this release. Features a tonal embossed “c'est normal” positioned underneath the left chest and arm area.

An interesting quote on the website about the price of this garment:

“most companies would avoid it to make more money but we are all about the coolest possible product so we slashed our margins to make it happen!”

Raw Edge T-shirt

€49 • Off-white, black and beige
Also available in a womens' cut

Another tee with the design under the left chest/arm, this is a variation of their original design, with different placement, a smaller logo and the full brand tagline.